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In the Early days, the crew sold custom bagged peat-based products to some of the first well-established greenhouse facilities in the Edmonton area.


By the '80s, the original crew had aged or retired, and with the original warehouse still in place, a new owner, Bruce Douglas, became interested in reviving the business in the '90s. The equipment was restored, and extensions were added. The addition of conveyor systems with bagging, sealing, and stacking systems has allowed Early Rise to grow.

Early Rise Product Bag Graphic (11).png

Expanding the business's product lines with new potting, compost, topsoil, and manure mixes, the business now supplies hardware stores and greenhouses throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

Early Rise still carries the same line of organic peat products that they did in the '60s, under the same original trademark brand,  "the early bird gets his worm."

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